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Asian rural women launches third travelling journal in time for International Women’s Day
5 March 2015, Press Release
DHAKA, BANGLADESH – In time for the International Women’s Day on March 8, rural women representatives from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India have gathered today to launch the third Women’s Travelling Journal (WTJ), with the theme food sovereignty. A collaborative work of the Asian Rural Women’s Coalition (ARWC), PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) and OXFAM’s GROW Campaign in Asia, this biggest compilation of 50 different stories of rural women in 6 countries recorded the personal, daily accounts of their lives, leadership experiences, and struggles for change. [...more]

Travelling Journal Journeys Anew on Rural Women's Day
15 October, News Release
The Asian Rural Women's Coalition (ARWC), PAN Asia Pacific (PAN AP) and Oxfam's East Asia and South Asia GROW Campaign launched today the Women's Travelling Journal of Asian rural women in time for the United Nation's (UN) 6th International Day of Rural Women. [...more]

National Consultation and Planning on Women and Agriculture Held in Chennai, India
29 August 2014, Press Release
Various civil society groups from all over India held a National Consultation and Planning on Women and Agriculture last August 1, 2014 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. These groups voiced a concern that 67 years after the Declaration of Independence of India, majority of the people are denied their basic right to food, land, health, nutrition, work and social security. [...more]

Leadership Training for Rural Women Dedicated to Irene Fernandez
6 August 2014, Press Release
Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP) and Asian Rural Women’s Coalition (ARWC) dedicated its Leadership Training for Rural Women to the memory of Irene Fernandez in a gathering of women farmer leaders and CSO representatives of India in Chennai, Tamil Nadu last July 31. [...more]

Rural Women Leaders Meet in Chennai
30 July 2014, Press Release
Women farmer leaders and CSO representatives from the different states in India are meeting for the Rural Women’s Leadership Training in Chennai, Tamil Nadu since 27 July to 01 August 2014. The 6-day training is aimed to sharpen the skills and perspectives of twenty six (26) rural women farmers using creative methods and strategies, such as games, workshops, and community visits. The activity also aims to teach women about land, food and agricultural issues at the local and global levels as it impacts women. [...more]

"Ma terre, ma vie" (My land, my life): The Women of West Africa called for a stop to land grabbing during the 3rd Sub-Regional Leadership Training in Senegal!
31 January 2014, Media Alert
(Dakar) Thirty-one (31) women from Senegal, Mali and Benin and Cameroon, including women from Malaysia and the Philippines gathered for the 3rd sub-regional Trainers' Training on Rural Women's Leadership from 24 - 30 January 2014. Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa organised the 6-day training, together with PAN Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), GABRIELA Philippines and the Asian Rural Women's Coalition (ARWC) to further strengthen women's organizations and communities in West Africa. [...more]

The Travelling Journal begins it journey across Asia Pacific and Africa to collect stories of Rural Women’s stories on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
27 January 2014, Press Release
Rural women from developing countries are embarking today on a journey to speak up on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), through a travelling journal that will visit 13 countries in Asia Pacific and three countries in Africa. [...more]

Rural women mobilise for food sovereignty, their stories revealed in successful 'travelling journal'
15 October 2013, Press Release
Rural women’s groups from across Asia mobilised by the thousands to celebrate International Rural Women’s Day (RWD), a day to honour rural women’s critical role in food and agriculture and to demand for food sovereignty as a solution to poverty and hunger among the world’s small food producers.  [...more]

"Travelling journal" goes to Rome
Rural women bring stories, demand for sustainable food systems to global food security meet

7 October 2013, Press Release
ROME, Italy - Agro-ecology and sustainable food systems. These are among the key demands of rural women to leaders and policymakers who gathered for the 40th session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS40) in Rome on October 7-11. [...more]

Amara seizes the day
4 October 2013, Feature Story
Gunawathi "Amara" Hewagallage's life is exceptionally active. Every single day seems to be devoted to an important undertaking, with little or no time for rest. [...more]

Shanthi: Liberating Dalit women
3 October 2013, Feature Story
Forty six year-old Shanthi Gangadaran does not use much words to describe her days. But it is evident she is a very important and inspiring figure in the community, sought after by Dalit women who are among the most oppressed in Indian society. [...more]

Zizhen’s song
2 October 2013, Feature Story
50-year old Li Zizhen is passionate about her love for her native village and minority culture. She is so passionate that she wrote the song Beautiful Chenguan, together with her daughter, Li Juan... [...more]

Margie’s continuing struggle
1 October 2013, Feature Story
From her journal entries, 62-year old Margie Tagapan at first seems like an ordinary woman, busy with the daily tasks of running a household and making a living. Margie lives in San Rafael village, town of Rodriguez in the province of Rizal, Philippines. [...more]

Journey of the travelling journal ends
11 September 2013, Media Update
The last pages of the travelling journal of Asian rural women have been written. Bui Thi Huong, a 53-year old farmer from the Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province of Vietnam, was its last writer. Huong, president of the women's union in a commune, said that she was particularly proud that her "simple and rustic words will travel to other countries all over the world." [...more]

Travelling journal goes to Malaysia
18 July 2013, Media Update
An intimate look into an Iban community facing the threat of land grabbing is to be expected as the travelling journal makes its way to Malaysia, the second to the last stop in its one-of-a-kind journey across Asia. [...more]

Halfway through the journey: Travelling journal in Sri Lanka
1 July 2013, Media Update
After travelling through the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Cambodia and India, the rural women's journal is now halfway through its journey across Asia. After ten eventful days in the hands of Shanthi, a rural woman from India, the travelling journal is now en route to the village of Maligavilla, Monaragala District, Sri Lanka, where Gunawathu "Amara" Hewagallage is waiting to tell her stories. [...more]

Travelling journal goes to Cambodia
15 May 2013, Media Update
After successfully passing through the hands of a Chinese farmer, the travelling journal now makes its way to the Damnak Kantourt commune in the Kampot province of Cambodia. The next rural woman to be writing entries in the journal is 56 year-old Chey Siyat, a leader of a village-based farmer association and a mother of five. [...more]

Travelling journal goes to China
19 April 2013, Media Update
After successfully passing through the hands of an Indonesian farmer, the travelling journal now makes its way to the agricultural village of Chenguan in the Yunnan Province of China. The next rural woman to be writing entries in the journal is Li Zizhen, a leader who splits her time between agricultural work, work for a women's union, and raising a family. [...more]

Travelling journal goes to Indonesia
10 April 2013, Press Release
After successfully passing through the hands of a woman rice farmer in Central Luzon, Philippines, the travelling journal is now making its second stop in West Java, Indonesia. Our Stories, One Journey: Empowering Rural Women in Asia will collect everyday writings from eight rural women in different countries to give a personalised voice to a growing clamor to transform agriculture into a more equitable and sustainable system. The initiative is led by Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), Asian Rural Women's Coalition (ARWC), and East Asia GROW Campaign. [...more]

'Travelling journal' of Asian rural women to bring marginalised voices into food and agriculture policy debate
8 March 2013, Press Release
Amid much excitement, Our Stories, One Journey: Empowering Rural Women in Asia was launched in the Philippines today as part of a global campaign to achieve food security through a more equitable and sustainable system of growing food. The travelling journal is an initiative by the Asian Rural Women's Coalition (ARWC), Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP), and Oxfam International's GROW Campaign, together with partner women and rural organisations in eight countries. [...more]

Honouring 100 Women to Mark 100 Years of Women's Resistance: RIGHTS, EMPOWERMENT and LIBERATION!
International Day of Rural Women
15 October 2012, Press Release

On the 5th International Day of Rural Women in 2012 the Asian Rural Women's Coalition (ARWC) highlights the critical roles rural women play in transforming the world into a just and sustainable society. [...more]

100 years of Women's Resistance: Rights, Empowerment and Liberation
Press Release by the Asian Rural Women's Coalition
1 April 2011

(Chennai, India) Rallying behind the theme "100 years of Women's Resistance: Rights, Empowerment, Liberation," around 40 women rural women leaders, representatives and activists from eight Asian countries gathered for a 2-day conference here on March 29 and 30. [...more]

Rural Women March and Rally on International Women's Day!
International delegates join the Women's Caravan and Public Rally calling for Rights, Empowerment and Liberation
8 March 2008/Tamilnadu-The first ever Asian Rural Women's Conference came to a successful conclusion with bang as participants traveled in vans, buses and lorries on the Women's Caravan through the main highway to Chennai. Vibrantly decorated vehicles carried international and local delegates who chanted slogans and calls for women's rights, liberation and empowerment to curious passersby, who were given pamphlets about the issues raised at the conference. [...more]

Empowering Ourselves Against Fundamentalism!
ARWC Feature- 7 March 2008
On the second morning of the ongoing 1st Asian Rural Women's Conference at Palavoy, Arakkonam, the collective voices of the women gathered from 20 countries in Asia came out strongly against the rising fundamentalism throughout the region, and agreed that such fundamentalism was directly or indirectly engineered or encouraged by the state. [...more]

Rural Women's Voices Take Centre Stage at First Ever Asian Rural Women's Conference
Women from over 20 countries in Asia gather in Arrakonam, Tamil Nadu, India to Assert Calls for Rights, Empowerment and Liberation
6 March 2008/Palavoy, Arrokonam, India-The first ever Asian Rural Women's Conference got off to a colourful joyous start, as marchers roused residents at the local market at Arrokonam to join in, accompanied by young women drummers clad in bright blue saris. [...more]

Asian Rural Women on Women's Day 2008: "Because Women Are Still Not Equal"
PRESS RELEASE - 5 March 2008
More than a thousand rural women are coming together in Palavoy, Arakkonam (District Thiruvellore, Tamil Nadu) on 6-8 March 2007 for the Asian Rural Women's Conference (ARWC). They will gather to share and strengthen the rural and indigenous women's movement, and to build and assert women's leadership and their human rights. This is the first time ever that rural women are specifically collecting in such large numbers in India on the occasion of the International Women's Day. [...more]

On the Move: Asia's Rural Women
The empowerment of Asia's rural women against the injustices of neoliberalism and ancient prejudice must begin with the assertion of their political power, Dr Irene Fernandez, Director of the Malaysian women's rights group Tenaganita tells R.B. Bhattacharjee in the run up to the Asian Rural Women's Conference to be held from March 6 - 8, 2008 in Chennai, India. [...more]

UN gender equality mission fails 80% of women
Press Release - 26 February 2008
Thousands of Asian rural women gather to demand justice, rights, empowerment and liberation this International Women's Day 2008!
DECADES of efforts by international institutions, including the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), to put women on an equitable footing in society have achieved very little in correcting the unjust, oppressive and often violent socio-economic realities that burden the lives of 80% of women living in rural areas. 

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